So this is me

The face behind Berserks. I don’t do Mush, I’m not good with Mush, music posts, 10 pictures of this, follow this, paste and copy that, no, sorry guys. Bit cynical, quite sarcastic, unsociable (that’s why I’m never let out) and tend to say what I mean  so... believe when I say a truly heartfelt thanks to ALL of you that have followed, liked and commented on my posts since lockdown. Who have said such lovely things about my work. Who’ve headed straight over to my new website and ordered and ordered and ordered. Phew 😅 I’m blown away. Guess what, this months lockdown bills and outgoings covered, how awesome are you all. I’m sure many of you have had a change in finances these last 6 weeks like me but your support has been phenomenal. Can’t thank you enough, not doing some stupid little dance 💃 (told you I can’t follow a single jolly trend 🙄) but heading to bed every night, tired and unbelievably grateful to my precious Berserkers x Enough mush, got work to do 😉 x

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