Hi my lovely Berserkers!

First the good news..

25% OFF all Fused Glass on this new website for orders over £15.00 and an extra FREE gift for the first 25 orders placed !

And then...

before we start on this Blog malarkey together, you should probably know that I've never read one, wrote one or know how I'm supposed to run one.  I'm a terribly badly behaved bod who refuses to read instructions, preferring to keep pressing random buttons dementedly and I'm actually quite old, so all in all this is going to be a right lark.

Loving my new website that has been months in the making, possibly some instruction reading may have helped move it on slightly quicker.  I have put loads of new designs for you to choose from, beautiful stained glass panels and my AWARD WINNING Pocket Hearts, perfect to send to someone you love right now, while we all have to stay away from those we love and miss.  

#stayin #staysafe #bekind #loveNHS

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